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WWOOFing In Italy Day 1

Finally started working!

My work starts at 7 in the morning which is super early for me. I usually wake up at 9 or even 10 sometimes... so the hardest part is obviously waking up.


I woke up before sunrise, at 6:20. It’s a bit dark... this means that I can see sunrise! This is good reason to wake up early ;)


we went to a laboratory by a car. There were two jobs, one is work on mint and the other one is work on beans. Both of works, we used a machine to divide. My work was dividing beans. It looks like simple and easy... but farm works are simple and tough, you know.


I did it alone... put right amount of beans into the machine (the door would be opened and beans came out to garbage zone if I put too much), opened a door to release unnecessary part of beans, took garbages away constantly...


I kept doing this for 4 hours. 4 hours for a bag and we have 3 more...! Ohhhhh! But my work is 6 hours in a day, from 7 to 13. Then, I am free! It’s a good deal for me.


but today I did nothing. I dived on the bed and took a nap for 3 hours. Black out. I was tired. First day is always tough. I don’t know anything and how they work. Tomorrow will be better!


This farm is growing herbs for selling. Huge amount of mints. this will be exported to Germany. It’s interesting. Not used in Italy. Maybe it’s not so popular here...? I must go to the book store and check magazines! Because I can know the trends in countries by seeing what’s kind of magazines displayed.


They also working on collecting seeds. This is new for me. I saw many pumpkins for seeds. It’s obvious eatable but they are not going to eat or sell. They throw these away. This is shocked at first. Farmers wast food...!?


but I think a lot. They can’t sell pumpkins which already cut for seeds. If they want to sell it, maybe they set a low price. Consumers buy cheap pumpkins. Farmers of pumpkins can’t earn money because it is more expensive probably than pumpkins for seeds. So selling these pumpkins could lead a collapse of a market.


I think the farmer doesn’t throw those away but there are not many choices. He said I would hate pumpkins after collecting seeds. It’s very hard job. I must experience first and see how I feel about throwing away. Because I don’t know anything!


but for now, it’s a bit sad... just for collecting seeds, some vegetables are growing and not eaten. Maybe I will correct seeds in the kitchen when we use and send it back to a farmer. I know some people who buy vegetables from farmers directly do this. I am not sure about the quality of seeds though. But it’s better than throw seeds away maybe. Well, farmers can’t rely on it so they continue to grow vegetables for seeds... but maybe something get better. Always try and see! 


There are two workers in the field. They are immigrants and join the project. They work as internship and learn about farming. Then if they want, they can have a job of farming. I don’t know the details yet but this is nice! They work at some different farms!!


now I relax in my room... it’s very nice to have my own room!! People are also very nice so I feel very comfortable here. I am so happy!


that’s it for today!