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Adios Nieva!

It’s time for leaving. Staying at a farm in Nieva is over. I’m now in the bus going to Cuenca!


I stayed for 2 weeks. First week was a bit tough. It took time to get used to the life for me. Because of the life style! We have a breakfast at 7:30, have a small food at 10:00, have a lunch at 14:00 and have a dinner at 22:00. Working time is 8:00 - 12:00 and 18:00 to 20:00. There’s siesta between working time. But I have to help making lunch after 12:00. So there’s not so much free time compare to Norwegian farmers.


we have every meals a together. It means that I spend time with them most of times. I was nervous and couldn’t relax so much to be honest. I always think too much before saying something. So maybe they thought I was a talk less person.


But after a week, it was really nice stay! I got along with them, more felt comfortable. I was myself.


My work was mostly harvesting and weeding. At that time, I harvested many beans and zucchini which are my favorite! Lei is Chinese woman so she has some Asian ingligents like Konbu and Niboshi. So it’s much easier for me to cook! Otherwise, I have no idea what I cook with European herbs and powders...


The field is huge and they grow many kinds of vegetables! They also planted flowers and herbs. The soil is like a cray because of the river. There’s a river nearby so it brought natural nutrition. So the soil was almost prepared. 


Lei made a tea with camomile which she hervested here. my favorite! It’s 100% organic. I will plant camomile when I go home.


This is an organic farm. They don’t put any chemicals. So the shape of vegetables are not like those in the supermarket. But taste is very good! Very juicy and sweet :) we got fresh vegetables from the field to make meals every time. What a luxury...! Every week they make a box with full of vegetables and customers come to buy it.


They also offer Shiatsu(Japanese style massage) and Yoga lesson. I participated Yoga 3 times. There is a roof top which is cozy and with a nice view. I felt really good. They are very talented!


Alfredo took me to many places. Once I went to a top of a hill to see sunset with him and his friends. It’s amazingly becautiful. The best I ever seen. On the other day, I visited his friend. She lives in a beautiful house...! It’s like a palace! It’s used for taking a movie by Spanish director and Japanese actoer and actresses. I must watch it!! I forgot the Spanish name but it’s called “the spirits of .... bees”. I also forgot ... part:P I could see some villages while driving. This is I wanted to see. There’s a small fountain, I think it’s a centre of a village. The houses are old and not high. The roads are sandy and narrow. People just had a seat on the street with neighbors at night. There’s no accommodation in small villages, even no transportation. 


And...! Gentle dog, Garabato! Bonito!!! We took a nap together outside. It’s a peaceful moment. We walked a lot. Never tied a rope but never run away. Sometimes he wanted to come

to my room together but I can’t let him in. So I went to walk for a while and went to a room. This time, he didn’t follow me. He understood. 


This is a home in Spain. I miss them.


てなわけで、ニエバのファームステイが終了!めっっっちゃあっという間の2週間だった…!最初の1週間は文句言ってたけどw 残りの1週間は本当に楽しかったよ。やっと打ち解けられて、アルフレドはよく友達の家に一緒に連れてってくれたよ。ここを離れる日がきたなんて信じられない。毎度のことながら。


朝みんなとハグしてお別れして、アルフレドにバス停まで送ってもらったの。そしたらバスの時間間違えてて、もう出発しちゃってたww 仕方ないのでヒッチハイクしてセゴビアまで行き、そこからマドリッドへ向かうことに。


ルフレドが赤信号のところで止まってる車にセゴビア行くか聞いてくれるんだけど、みんなノー。ノートにセゴビアって書いて道路に立ってたら、1分くらいで止まってくれた!めっちゃラッキー!!と思ったら、村の神父さんで、アルフレドたちの友達だった笑  一安心!いやあ、最後の最後にやらかしちゃったぜw




マドリッドのmoncloaに到着。クエンカに向かうために、Avenida de America駅へ。ネットで調べたらこの駅からバスが出てるってなってたのに、探しても探してもクエンカ行きがない。インフォメーションに聞いたら、「ここじゃなくてMendez Alvaro駅から」って教えてくれました。スペイン語で。もう既に往復3回もマドリッドからバスに乗ってて、あらゆるバス停を網羅した今だから、スペイン語でMendezAlvaroって言われても分かるけどさ…焦るわ。


こうして再び地下鉄に乗り、メンデスアルバロへ。半信半疑でチケット売り場に行ったら、本当にここから出てた。受付のおじちゃんが冷たくて、都会への偏見が強まったww クエンカ行きのバスは10分後出発。急いで乗り場まで行って、無事に今バスの中。このバスが果たしてクエンカのどこらへんに行くのか分からず、そわそわ。でもなんだか今日はなんとでもなるわって気分だから大丈夫そう!