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The bus in Spain!!! スペインのバス

The bus system in Spain is a bit

complicated for me! (I’m sure Japanese transportation system is much more complicated though:P)


I stayed at my friend’s house in Alicante. It’s very lovely time so I will write about it later. Now I want to note about how to get to Nieva where I work from tomorrow!


First, I took a bus from Alicante to Madrid. I couldn’t buy a ticket online in advance... But many people on the internet said noramlly it wouldn’t be fully booked so no need to buy in advance. Good! I didn’t worry about it.


BUT! When I arrived there 30mins before departure. There’s only one seat left...! Yes, it’s fully booked! Even though it depart at 0:45, midnight! Oh... I was very lucky... 


Nieva is a small village so I need to take a bus. But a big company of long distance buses, ALSA, stopped running just a week before of my departure!! God!


so I took a bus of AVANZA from Moncloa station. I arrived at Escation Sur so I took a metro to Moncloa. Escation sur is big bus station so I thought Moncloa would be also big enough.! It’s for mainly local people, I guess. So I couldn’t find a ticket machine.


well, now I know that there’s normally a desk for

buying a ticket on B2. Platforms are on B1. I was looking for the machine or the desk on B1... I was afraid if they sold tickets only on the internet...


then, I asked a man “no tomar billete. Donde??”

lol broken Spanish! But he understood so I finally found the desk!!


So the bus would depart at 10:00 am. I was there 15 mins before 10:00. Then realized that there’s two buses, one would go to Segovia directly at 10:00 and other one would go to Segovia at 11:00.


hmm...??? Nieva is farther Segovia. I was very nervous if there’s something wrong... the bus to Nieva runs only twice on Sunday and the last departs at 10:00! If I missed this, I should wait til next day... no! I don’t want to!


so! I asked a driver which supposed to depart at 11:00 in broken Spanish. 

”quiero ir a Nieva!”

He said this bus goes to Nieva. Okay, good! So I got on the bus and it departed at 10:00. Well, something wrong on the board at the platform.


now I’m on the bus and writing this!

AVANZA BUS has WiFi, and a screen for watching movies but no toilet...!


so... now I am a bit nervous if I can get off at Nieva...:P but I have google map and I know what time we arrive. I hope the farmers and volunteers are nice!


taking a bus is a small challenge for me but landscapes are sooooo beautiful! And much cheaper!! I recommend you to take a bus! 








なかなかガラの悪い人たちが多かったよ。見た目で判断して悪いけどww でもバスの中は静かで良かった。ただ…ぜんっぜん眠れんかったけど。隣の人が運良く乗らなかったおかげで、私は横になる事が出来たんだけどね…?前の人たちが容赦なく座席を倒してくるから、狭いのなんの!さすが!気遣い一切なし!わーお!


マドリッドには朝6時に到着。マドリッドのバス乗り場は行き先によって場所が違うんだけど、アリカンテ便は一番大きなEscation surに到着。広いフロアにたくさん椅子が並べて合って、早朝だから横になって寝てる人が沢山いたよ。私も次のバスまで4時間も時間があったから、椅子に座って休憩。即寝落ち。意識がブラックアウトしたぜ。警官にガン見された事しか覚えてない。










…おやおや?ニエバはセゴビアの向こうなのに?直行便では絶対ないから、各停バスのおっちゃんにニエバに行きたい!と言ったら、このバスだってことで11時発の方に乗ったんだけど…。11時発って掲示板には出てるくせに、10時に出発したww 聞かなきゃ分からないじゃん、これ!