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New blog!

Estoy en España!! Que carol!!


well, this is new blog :) I couldn’t upload pics anymor on my previous blog so I have opened new one. 



So... I’m now in Spain!! Many things happens everyday.

In Germany, Somehow, it’s hard to find an accompany in hostels. People were not so friendly or I could say so independent. So I was alone most of times and had plenty time to write blog.

But! Since I moved to Scotland and England, I was kind of busy because I had friends to hang out with! Yeeeah :)

In Scotland, I met Clara who I met once in japan. She is a friend of my friend I met in Montreal 5 years ago. She lives in Edinburgh now so I met her and her flat mate! 

In London, I met Clara’s sister for the first time! She accepted to meet up with me. I’m very happy because I wanted to have afternoon tea in London but I didn’t want to go to a cafe by myself. I spent very good time with Mary! She said that th government in London try to build old fashioned buildings. But the government in Germany destroy old buildings and built modern fashioned buildings like Japan.

I also met Taiwanese women in a hostel where is the worst ever I stayed :P because of the noise. I don’t mention the name though... I couldn’t sleep at all...! It’s for young students. But I could meet a nice women so there was at least one good memory. Well, she stayed in Paris for a year and now doing pilgrimage in North Spain. She once stayed in Japan so we talked in Japanese! 

On Aug 3rd, I took a airplane from England to Spain. I stayed in Toledo for 2 nights first. It’s an amazing city!! North Europe has similar landscapes such as Norway, Germany and UK. But Spain is completely different! Not many trees! Looks like a desert!





It’s super duper hot! Around 40 degrees...! I met German women, Coco, at a hostel. She was my room mate. There were only two of us on the first night. We went a small restaurant and talked a lot about our country! She likes Japan and had stayed in Tokyo for a month! 

I met also Dutch girl on the second night. We had sangria on the roof top and talked a lot.

And now! I have stayed at my friend’s house in Alicante. I met her in Oslo. So I’m always with someone these days!

Sometimes it’s very... hm... how I can say... I had strange feeling. Because I talked with strangers in English in abroad and got along with them quickly! We had same opinions and concerns about the world.

Speaking English is now not so difficult for me. I don’t mean I can speak English so fluently. I use

very simple words. But I am not stressed to speak English. I’m glad about it! 

I also thank to Japan! Because many people are interested in Japan and have a good feeling. So it’s more easy to get along with people! Japan has many problems so sometimes I couldn’t be proud of Japan. But when I talk about issues in different countries, I realized that japan is not so bad as I think. There’s no point to compare between Japan and other countries. But I knew that Japan has a high... high.... standard of living.

for example...
We have a good health insurance. We can go to the hospital anytime and don’t need to wait for the surgery in emergency case.

We afford to travel abroad. We afford to buy own house. Well, it’s a big problem to work too much though. But I need to note that we can spare money for hobbies at least.

I also realized that it’s really nice we can drink tap water in Japan! I never concern about it because it is usual to drink water from the tap. But I know how it was inconvenience if I need to buy water every time. There is also regulation of using water in some countries where it’s not good to drink tap water.

It’s hard to realize how we spend convenience life in Japan if you never leave Japan. Of course, you also realize that there are many stupid problems in japan too. 

But I think people can not realize about many things both good and bad of Japan by only traveling. Because I knew these things by conversations with friends from the world. So I think it’s very important to be able to speak at least English for understanding.

Well... yes. Spain is a very unique country. My spanish friend said Spain is nice country for traveling but not for living.


In Toledo and Alicante, there’s not many problems as capital. But I will travel Barcelona and north cities after so I will see.